We do not participate with any major insurance carriers including Medicare and Medicaid.  We are out-of-network providers.  This allows us to provide the treatment that we finds necessary without the restrictions imposed by commercial insurances.  Additionally, this keeps your private health information in much less hands.

We can provide a super bill, which may qualify for reimbursement from your insurance company for an out-of-network provider.  Please contact your insurance to see what your out-of-pocket cost will be.  It is often less than what you might expect.  Commonly used billing codes for evaluation is 90792 and for follow up appointments are 99213 and 99214, with a possible add-on code of 90833.

We understand hardships do happen.  If you are an established patient and experience a financial hardship from a prolonged loss of income (i.e. due to a loss of a job), please inquire about sliding scale/reduce rate appointments.

Services that may help you submit your claims to your insurance company include reimbursify and better. 

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Initial Consultation

We believe strongly in a good fit for the treatment relationship. If we do not feel we can provide you the mental health care you deserve, we will attempt to provide resources, psychiatrists or therapists near you. Because of this, the first 1-3 appointments are considered a consultative period.

The first appointment lasts up to 1.5 hours. First Appointment Charge: $450

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Brief Medication Follow Ups

For appointments up to 15 minutes. Charge: $150

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Medication Management Appointments

For appointments 15 - 25 minutes. Charge: $200

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Extended Medication Mangement

For appointments up to 50 minutes. Charge: $300

Note Resilient Mental Health Services does not have support staff. As such additional ancillary services may be extra.